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76 Series Landcruiser 4" (Turbo Back) Exhaust System

76 Series Landcruiser 4" (Turbo Back) Exhaust System

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Our 76 Series Landcruiser Turbo V8 4" Turbo Back System

(Non DPF Models only - *May not suit aftermarket accessories or be legalised in some areas*) 

Made from 304 stainless steel - tig welded.

It comes in 2 variations please select which is right for you: 

-Muffler Only

-Pipe only

It comes in 3 pieces and uses factory rubber mounts. You will be provided with user-friendly D.I.Y installation guide and we also additional support if required from our friendly mechanics via phone.

This turbo back system is equipped with 4" V-Band clamps. This allows for no risk of exhaust leaks or blowing gaskets. 

**For custom fabrication please allow a 2-4 week wait. **

*For our customers outside of Australia please email us ( to arrange shipping so we can get you the best price possible for your items!*

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