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PULSAR PSR3584 Gen 3 XR6 Turbo

PULSAR PSR3584 Gen 3 XR6 Turbo

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    • Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing System
    • 10 Blade Gen2 Billet Compressor Wheel with Extended Tapered Tip Technology
    • Inconel 713c 10 Blade Turbine Wheel with High Horsepower
    • Cover Integrated with the Speed Sensor Port
    • Max Air Flow rate: ~90 lb/min, rated @ 1000 FWHP
    • Stronger Turbine Wheel for High flow


      • Compressor Wheel: 67*84mm
      • Turbine Wheel: 74*66mm
      • Compressor Inlet: 4.0” Hose
      • Compressor Outlet: 2.5” Hose
      • Turbine Inlet: T3, T4, or 2.5″ V-Band
      • Turbine Outlet: XR6 Style 5 Bolt
      • Oil Feed: -4 AN connect to the Oil Restrictor
      • Oil Drain: Std T3 Flange
      • Water In/Outlet: M14*1.5
      • We highly recommended running water cooling for better durability
      • Billet actuator with black anodized coating
      • 3 Layer Stainless Steel 5 Bolt Gasket


  • Based off our popular GTX3584RS series turbo, This is very similar but with the larger 66mm rear wheel it has been proven to make up to 70rwkw more than the Gen 2 versions
  • PSR3584 GEN3 TURBO comes with stronger turbine wheel for high flow.

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