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TB48 Twin Turbo Split Flange

TB48 Twin Turbo Split Flange

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Our Nissan Patrol TB48 Twin Turbo Split Flange feature:

  • 10mm thick Mild Steel & Stainless Steel
  • 14mm stud holes
  • Split flange design to allow twin turbo manifold or 6-1 headers configurations with thermal expansion movement
  • Perfectly suited for Sch40 pipe or 1.6mm tube to be welded internally & externally for maximum strength

Port Variations:

  • 45mm port supporting 1 1/4" pipe or tube (Up to 600HP)
  • 50mm port supporting 1 1/2" pipe or tube (600hp & above)
  • 53mm port supporting 2" pipe or tube" (Hardcore N/A builds)

These are large motors that pass a lot of air. The easier the air comes in & goes out, the easier they make power & torque.

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